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צילום פול קוטרל.JPG
Zikhron Ya'akov
Railway Station

Documentation & Planning Consulting

Client: Israel Railways

Location: Zikhron Ya'akov


Photography: Paul Kolten

The documentation was commissioned by Israel Railways to supplement the design of a new train station at the site of the old Zikhron Ya'akov station. The original station began operating in 1920-1921 and was active throughout the British Mandate years and under Israel Railways until 1997. The main station building was erected in 1946 to replace an earlier building, according to an architectural type developed by the Palestine Railways and implemented in varying versions along the Haifa – Kantara line.

In 1997 the station ceased to operate, and in 2000 plans to install a double track from tel Aviv to Haifa were underway, accompanies by plans to re-open a station at Zikhron Ya'akov with a new building. The study surveys and analyses the existing station facilities, while examining ways to combine them with the proposed station building. 


Photography: Paul Kolten

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