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מבט על בית אונגר מכיוון צפון תאריך לא יד
Unger House Waldheim -
Alonei Abba

Documentation & Design

Client: Private client 

Location: Alonei Abba, Israel


Unger House 1920', Source: Albert Bleich family, Melbourne Australia

The documentation & design for the renovation of Unger House was commissioned by a private client who purchased the abandoned stone house in 2009.  This project was the first instance in the village of Alonei Aba in which a documentation was required as part of plans for a building permit. The Templer Karl Unger built this family home in the early 20th century. As very little research about the Templer colony of Waldheim was in existence when this study was in preparation, our documentation included a section about the establishment of the colony and its development over the years. Our work included historic research, a survey and analysis of the existing building, the preparation of renovation plans and a building permit, and construction documents.

During our work on the project we were fortunate to receive information and historic documents from the Templer community, and in particular from the Unger family in Australia (Ernst, Kurt, Edith, Ingrid and Trudy) who contributed their knowledge, photographs and memories of pre WWII life in Waldheim.

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