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מבט רותי אפריל 2012.jpg
The Monks' Mill at Nahal Zippori

Documentation, Planning & Design

Client: Drainage Authority kishon

Location: Nahal Zippori

Built area: 700 sqm + 7,000 sqm

site grounds


'The Monks' Mill', situated on the banks of the Sepphoris River in northern Israel, was leased and renovated in the early 19th century through as the joined enterprise of the Carmelite monastery in Haifa, an Ottoman investor, and a local landowner. During the 20th century it ceased to operate as a mill and eventually abandoned. In 20212 the Kishon Drainage Authority leased the mill with the intention of renovating it as a Centre for River Restoration. Our practice was hires as site architects, and carried out a full documentation study, developed a Statement of Significance and a program for activating the building and grounds, examined the feasibility of a new ordinance plan, prepared detailed construction drawings for the renovation of all four floors and the stone bridge which crosses the Sepphoris river into the mill grounds, and oversaw the renovation of the top floor.  

The mill's architecture and technology shed light on the regional tradition of water-mill industries, which made technologically sophisticated use of limited water resources through the employment of narrow canals and vertical channels.

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