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Policy for conservation complexes in


Client: Kiryat Ono municipality

Location: Kiryat Ono, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

The Policy for conservation complexes in Kir'on was commissioned by the municipality of Kiryat Ono in 2022, in order to define the municipal policy for future interventions in Kir'on neighborhood. The document is divided into four main components: 1. Identifying the urban, architectural and landscape qualities of the Kir'on neighborhood. 2. Defining planning principles to leverage the existing qualities in the renewed Kiryat Ono. 3. A 'toolbox' containing possible planning and implementation mechanisms, according to each complex. 4. Creating a plan for future work.

The Kir'on neighborhood, which was designed based on the Neighborhood Unit scheme by Architect Israel Lotan in the early 1960s, consists of 6 sub-complexes centered around a central public park. Each sub-complex has different qualities and characteristics. Therefore, each sub-complex has its own principles for conservation and urban renewal.

מבט אווירי על קיראון_1964.jpg

Kiraon aerial view, 1964: Source: PikiWiki.

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