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המשכן לאמנות - אולם הפסלים 1964.jpg

1964, Source: Yad Ben Zvi Archive

Keeping it Modern  2020 Grant
Mishkan Museum of Art Ein Harod


Client: Mishkan Museum of Art,

Ein Harod, Israel

  Location: Ein Harod, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

The Mishkan Museum of Art at Kibbutz Ein Harod Israel was founded in 1938 by artist and kibbutz member Chaim Atar. In 1948 it moved into a new building designed by architect Samuel Bickels. Between 1948 and 1958, Bickels gradually expanded the building into a series of interconnected and naturally illuminated galleries, which are intact and in full operation still today.

In 2019 our practice was commissioned by the museum and ARTIS (a nonprofit organization based in New York) to develop a conservation plan and an application to the Getty Foundation Keeping it Modern Grant. The proposed project aimed to ensure that the museum's unique building retains its exceptional character and the unique qualities of its exhibition spaces as it transitions into the future. The application included the formulation of an international team of experts, and a strategic plan for the documentation, performance survey and renovation of the museum’s landmark building.

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