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John F. Kennedy Memorial

Documentation and consultation for conservation and planning

Client: Jewish National Fund

Location: Mateh Yehuda Region, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

John F. Kennedy Memorial, 1966. Source: Israel Government Press Office.

Established in 1966, the Kennedy Memorial was erected in memory of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. This initiative was taken by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), which also planted the adjacent "Kennedy Peace Forest"; as part of the memorial project. The memorial is situated on a hilltop near Moshav Aminadav and was designed by the renowned architect, David Resnick, a recipient of the Israel Prize for Architecture.

The interior of the memorial hall is adorned with a bas-relief wall created by artist Dov Feigin. The site consists of a lower entrance plaza that houses a visitor center and a donors wall. From here, one can ascend to an upper plaza where the main memorial structure resides. This structure is composed of 53 exposed concrete columns, which encase the memorial hall and radiate from the surrounding plaza. Fifty-one of these columns bear the embossed symbols of the U.S. states. Tall, narrow windows are positioned between the columns, offering views of the Jerusalem mountains.
Since the 1970s, a number of modifications have been made to the memorial structure, in addition to several rounds of concrete rehabilitation of the ceiling and columns. Currently, in 2023, a renovation project is underway for the visitor center in the lower part of the complex. As part of this project, the JNF has decided to also rehabilitate and preserve the memorial structure. In order to deepen understanding of the historical and architectural importance of the structure, this documentation file has been commissioned. Our office is also creating a plan for its preservation in line with the original design of the architect.


John F. Kennedy Memorial, 1966. Source: Israel Government Press Office.

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