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Historic Rosh Pina
Architectural Competition

Design Proposal (Honorary Mention)

Client: Israel association of united architects & Rosh Pina

Regional Council

Location: Rosh Pina, Israel


In summer 2011 our proposal for the architectural competition in Historic Rosh Pina won an Honorable Mention. The competition was organized by the Architects Association Israel in cooperation with Rosh Pina Council, and focused on the creation of appropriate tourist access into the colony’s historic center.

Our project addressed the picturesque historic colony and the serene natural scenery which surrounds it as intertwined assets to be enhanced with minor architectural interventions. We proposed a new system of pathways and viewing platforms to connect the historic center, the school compound, the colony’s historic gardens and  the valley with the abandoned amphitheater in it, turning the area into an open museum which offers a range of activities for short or long stays.


The project was developed in collaboration with Arch. Julia Grinkrug & Larch Rakefet Sinai, and after winning an Honorable Mention was purchased by The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel as their preferred project.

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