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מגדל המים בחדרה 6-1531.jpg
Hadera Historic 
Water Tower

Documentation & Consultation

Client: Hadera municipality

Location: Hadera, Israel


1930'. Source: Museum khan Hadera

The historic water tower at Ehad Ha’am Street in Hadera was erected during the 1930’s at the top of the hill, adjacent to the colony’s first water tank. Today the tower is surrounded by a square concrete water reservoir which was added during the 1950’s. The western elevation of the reservoir is covered by a red firebrick sculpture by artists Doron Bar-Adon, installed in 1972.

The documentation was commissioned in 2013 by the Municipality of Hadera in order to assess the impact of widening the traffic lanes along  Ehad Ha’am Street. It includes aurvey of the site and a study of significant water facilties in Hadera, identifing the architectural, technological, artistic and community values of the water tower. To conclude, it proposed an approach to the future conservation and development of the site. As part of our work on this project we had the privilege and pleasure of meeting the artist Doron Bar-Adon on site and learning from him firsthand about the significance of his artwork. 

בריכת המים הראשונה בחרדה ולידה מגדל המים

1939. Source:  Hadera Development Fund

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