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צילום אוויר של הדר הכרמל בחיפה_זולטן קלוגר_01.09.1947_D7-027.jpeg
Hadar HaCarmel conservation survey


Client: Haifa municipality

Location: Haifa, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. AmirFreundlich 

Hadar Hacarmel aerial, 1947. Photographer: Zoltan Kluger. Source: Israel Government Press Office.

The survey of the Hadar neighborhood (2+3) was commissioned by the Haifa Municipality in the summer of 2020. Work on the survey began in the summer of 2021 and continued for about a year, during which all the buildings in the area of the survey (about 400 buildings) were documented. For each building that was recommended for conservation (A or B) a card was prepared which included photographic documentation of the existing situation, architectural analysis, historical analysis.

The area of the survey includes two sub-areas - Hadar 2 and Hadar 3, which were defined by the Department for the Conservation of Buildings and Sites of Haifa municipality. The two sub-areas were united together in this work. In the area of Hadar 2 (main streets: Herzl, HeHaluts, Sirkin, Yehiel, Sokolov) there are about 190 buildings and in the area of Hadar 3 (main streets: Hashomer, Barzilai, Yalag, Rabbi Herzog) there are about 200 buildings. In the area of the survey, 18 buildings and plots were identified with a public function, for whom extended structure cards were prepared.

The purpose of the survey is to deepen the historical, architectural and cultural knowledge in Hadar Carmel neighborhood and to identify buildings for preservation (to be incorporated into the municipal preservation list) and to identify and define complexes and axes with unique and important characteristics for preservation.

The work on the survey included office work and field review work. First, a compilation work of historical maps from different periods was made. The compilation work showed the changes and transformations that took place in the area of the survey. In the end of the office work, which also included the preparation of a basic building  card with the statutory and historical information on all the buildings, a team of Architects from the office physically reviewed each building. At the end of the physical review, the cards of the buildings were fully completed and a decision was made on the level of preservation of the building (A or B). 

The survey documents are divided into 2 files: the survey document and a file which includes all the building cards of for preservation in the survey area.

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