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מגורי עובדי הרכבת בזמן המדנט הבריטי_ארכי
Gang House
Railway station


Client: Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel

Location: Hamat Gader, Israel


Source: Israel Railway archive

El Hamme Railway station was established as part of the Hijaz railway from Daraa to Haifa at the beginning of the 20th century. In the late 1920’s it was transferred from the British Palestine Railways to the French Chemin de Fer de Hedjaz under the French Mandate over trans-Jordan and continued operating as a train station within the Israel-Syria demilitarized Zone since 1946. Since 1967, when it came into Israeli hands with the occupation of the Golan Heights, it was mostly abandoned, and today is within the ground of Hamat Gader (named after the Hellenistic city of Gadara/Gader and the archaeological remains of its baths nearby).


Apart from a full survey of the dilapidated building which originally served as a Gang House (Railway Workers Quarters), the study sheds light on relevant historic, political, and technological aspects of the Hejaz railways and El Hamme. The study was ordered by The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel in 2013 and was the basis for the conservation work carried out on the top floor, while preserving the bat colony which has been for some years nesting in the basement floor.

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