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Haifa ​East
Railway Station:
Water and Fuel Tanks

Documentation & Conservation

Client: Israel Railways

Haifa, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

The documentation file of the Water and Fuel Tanks was commissioned in 2016 by Israel Railways, as part of a development plan for the Railway Museum and the Haifa East Railway Station Compound, established in 1905 as the sea terminal of the Hejaz Railway. The report aims to survey and document the 1940’s water and fuel tanks and to provide data and analysis of their historic significance and future role within the compound.


The survey included two water towers, two fuel towers and one pump house, all but one within the exhibition grounds of the Railway museum. The report charts the history, technology and architecture of these historic structures and proposes a definition of their cultural significance. Three of the five buildings included in this survey (the fuel tanks & pump house) were renovated in 2017.

סכמת צנרת כניסת ויציאת מים מהמגדל.JPG
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