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East Haifa
Railway Station
Buildings 27+28

Documentation & Design

Client: Israel Railways

Location: Haifa, Israel

Program: Offices (railway workers)


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

Building 27 and Building 28 are two stone structures which are among the last remains of the Ottoman Hijaz railway’s workshop compound. The two buildings, constructed between 1907-1915, were originally part of the workshops located along a service track, and operated in conjunction with the historic engine garage, together forming an internal ‘service street’. Between the 1930’s and until the 1960’s they were used as offices and staff quarters, and since then as storage sheds. Building 27, which physically deteriorated over the years, was eventually abandoned.

In 2018 Israel Railways decided to renovate and re-use both buildings as ‘platelayer quarters’ for two railway units. Our practice provided documentation, preliminary design, construction Documents and construction supervision. Apart from meticulously conserving ad restoring the two historic structures, the project incorporates the addition of container structures and the use of historic rail tracks as the components of a fence & pergola which together define and present an active railway yard alongside the adjacent Railway Museum.  

The project was completed in October 2021.

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