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מבנה התחנה בגלויה משנת 1910. מקור_ ארכיו

The Railway station 1910. Source: Israel Railway Archive

East Haifa
Railway Station


Client: Israel Railways

Location: Haifa, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

The East Haifa Railway Station Compound is an active railway complex, which has been in continuous operation since its inauguration in 1905. It is perhaps the richest operating train yard in Israel, and during over 100 years of activity it has accumulated buildings and facilities from a variety of periods. Between 1903 and 1918, the compound operated as the Terminus of the Hejaz Railway, connecting (by a narrow-gauge track) the port of Haifa to Daraa in Syria. From 1918 onwards it became the terminus of the Haifa-Kantara line, and with the addition of the Haifa-Beirut-Tripoli railway in 1942 became the center of a regional railway network and a major international trading port. As a reflection of its rich history as an operational station and rail yard, the compound also operates as a unique architectural catalog of railway heritage. Today it is still an active operational railway compound, as well as home to the national Railway Museum. 

The report documents the two sub-compounds which total 215 dunam- the north-western Compound A which contains of the nucleus of the historic Ottoman station, and the south-eastern Compound B which consists of standard gauge workshops, garages, and sheds from the early British mandate era and onwards. Apart from a physical survey of all historic components, it includes a Statement of Significance and recommendations for the conservation & development of the compound.

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