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תחנת חדרה שנות ה30 מקור ארכיון מוזיאון ה
 Hadera East
Railway Station

Documentation, Consultation & Design

Client: Israel Railways

Location: Hadera, Israel


תחנת חדרה שנות ה30 מקור ארכיון מוזיאון החאן

The Hadera East Railway Station compound occupies an area of circa  70 dunam along the Hadera stream, and contains 18 historic railway structures + 2 bridges. Our practice was commissioned by Israel Railways to document the station compound in 2009 as part of the preparation of Master Plan TTL-22 towards re-activating the Eastern line from Haifa to Lydda. 

Our work for Israel Railways included historic research, a general site survey, developing alternative plans to overcome conservation conflicts, consulting to TTL-22, and formulating statutory conservation directives. In 2013 we were commissioned by Hotze Israel Authority to develop a design concept for the conservation of the station’s historic nucleus, coordinate with Hadera municipality and Israel Railways’ Development Unit, prepare a feasibility report for relocating the citrus shed, and prepare a schedule of initial conservation work to key historic buildings. With the transfer of the project to Ntivai Israel in 2016 all planning teams were replaced by new teams. During 2020 conservation work was carried out throughout the compound, and the citrus shed was conserved and relocated according to our designs.    

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