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kiryat Ono


Client: Kiryat Ono municipality

Location: Kiryat Ono, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

The documentation file of Kir'on complex was commissioned by the municipality of Kiryat Ono in 2020, in order to identify the values of the complex and defining a municipal policy for future interventions.

The 'Kir'on' complex was built in 1962-1964 as a cluster of seven longitudinal housing buildings between HaHavatselet (to the east) and Tsahal (south and west) streets in Kiryat Ono. The complex is part of the Kir'on neighborhood which was planned By the architect Israel Lotan. Lotan was the leading architect of the urban plan for the "development area" of Kiryat Ono and a member of the architectural committee that accompanied the city's enormous development in the 1960s. At the time of its establishment, the Kir'on neighborhood signified the expansion of Kiryat Ono and its transformation into a city.
This documentation file focuses on the complex formed by the seven buildings and on the open spaces between them. The documentation reviews the historical background of the neighborhood and the complex, Kir'on's architectural and open spaces characteristics in the past and present, and their urban and cultural contexts.


Kir'on neighborhood, source: National Library, Israel Lotan Archives.

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