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קטר USATC 2-8-2 נכנס לתחנת חיפה מזרח עם רכבת נוסעים ממצרים - 25.02.1945 - זולטן קלוגר, אוס

February 25, 1945. Photographer: Zoltan Kohler. Source: Government Press Office.

East Haifa Railway station:
 The Canteen


Client: Israel Railways

Location: Haifa, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

The Canteen is built  during World War II from a vault structure in the Haifa east station complex, near the Finance Department building. The Canteen, which probably built in two stages, consists of four units built according to the 'Nissan' model - a local version of it with brick and concrete walls and a rounded iron roof. The Canteen was built quickly in order to meet the needs of the British soldiers who arrived at station during the war. Since the invention of the 'Nissan' shed (during World War I by Peter Norman Nissan) for the British Army it was widely used throughout the British Empire, among others in Israel. The Nissan shed provided a quick, efficient and industrial response to the need of temporary buildings for the military (residences, Hospitals and later other uses).


The documentation file was commissioned in 2022 by Israel Railways. The purpose of the file is to collect information and answer fundamental and practical questions concerning the importance of the Canteen building for the benefit of its preservation and development in the present and in the future.


הקנטינה- חזית מזרחית.JPG

Canteen, 2021. 

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