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קטר USATC 2-8-2 נכנס לתחנת חיפה מזרח עם רכבת נוסעים ממצרים - 25.02.1945 - זולטן קלוגר, אוס

February 25, 1945. Photographer: Zoltan Kohler. Source: Government Press Office.

East Haifa Railway station
Battery Shed

Documentation and Planning

Client: Israel Railways

Location: Haifa, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

The battery Shed is a stone-clad concrete building that was built in the mid-1940in the Haifa East railway station complex, at the area between the railway station and the port. The long and narrow building was placed between a narrow track (Hijaz railway) and the standard (British) track that served the Cantra-Haifa line, and was used as a battery shed as part of the ongoing maintenance of the train. The building replaced an older battery building from the 1920s in a nearby location.
Since its establishment in the mid-1940s and for about 65 years, the building was in continuous use - in the first decades as a workshop and later as offices. In recent years the building was used by Arden company, a provider of outsourcing services in the field of air conditioners and generators, which left the building about a decade ago. To this day the north room in the building is used as the railway entrance gate of the Ports Authority.

The documentation file was ordered by the Israel Railways Logistics Division in March 2022 as the first step in the reuse of the battery building. The purpose of this work is to understand the historical importance and significance of the battery shed in the Haifa East station area, along with understanding its architecture, construction and technology aspects as a basis for its restoration and reuse.


Battery Shed, 2021. 

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