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גלרית האמפי אחרי 1946- אודסף בנו רוטנברג הספריה הלאומית.jpg

The Amphitheater Gallery after 1946. Source: Rothenberg Collection, The  Israeli National Library

Avraham Garden, Ramat Gan 


Client: Ramat Gan municipality

Location: Ramat Gan, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

As part of the restoration works of Avraham Garden, our office is responsible for the restoration of the historic amphitheater and planning additional buildings to serve the public needs throughout the garden.

The open amphitheater was probably built in 1939-1940 in the center of the eastern slope of Gan Avraham, taking advantage of the topography, similar to the principle of the Greek theater. It was planned as an open theater without walls as the landscape serves as a backdrop. The amphitheater  was designed as an integral part of the garden. Originally It had 2 rows of seats and a small rounded stage and without surrounding wall. Over the years, the Amphitheater was expanded and more rows of seats were added, the stage was enlarged and an arcade was added in the upper part and more.

The amphitheater served as an urban cultural center in Ramat Gan and it hosted diverse public activities: cultural shows, performances by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, shows of Israel's best artists, theater performances and held ceremonies and lectures.

For many years the open amphitheater has been neglected. In the renovation carried out in 1995, the amphitheater was disconnected from the north-eastern slope. The stairs that went down from Sharet Street to the upper exit and from the lower exit to the lower path were destroyed, the paths that connected the amphitheater to the northern part of the garden were destroyed.

צילום האמפי מהבמה עם גופי התאורה עם 4 החזיתות, עולל על הארכדה ביציע..jpg

The amphitheater from the stage in the 60's . Source: Beit Krinitzi archive 

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