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פינה בגן הנביאים 1938 זולטן קלוגר.jpg
Geddes Gardens

Research & Survey

Client: Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality

& Liebling Haus - White City Center

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel


In collaboration with Arch. Adi Har-Noy 

HaNevi'im garden, 1938. Photographer: Zoltan Kloger. Source: Israel's archives.

The research was commissioned in 2018 by the Conservation Unit & White City Research Center, City of Tel Aviv. It focuses on the 'block gardens' in Patrick Geddes's 1925 plan for the city. Perhaps more than any of the plan's components, these gardens reflect Geddes’s unique vision for the relationship between society and nature in the 'Garden City'.

The research used historic maps, archival documents and newspaper articles, and charts the complex regulatory mechanisms which over years allowed significant changes to most gardens. The 1925-1926 versions of the Geddes plan are compared land ownership data, drawing conclusions as to the blend of conceptual and real-life considerations which shaped the Geddes gardens as we know them today. A detailed survey of each of the gardens and their connecting ‘Rose and Vine Lanes’ analyzes and outlines the gardens' significance and their future potential within the evolving city of Tel Aviv.

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